Tuesday, May 01, 2007

2007 Guide to Not Studying For Your Finals

I still have a few pages to go on a paper before I can even start studying for the five finals I have in the next week, but we know that the more work one has to do, the better it feels to procrastinate. My last guide is still as relevant as ever (check archives) but for Columbia students there is now something even better than masturbation, whale adoption, or Alf: Bored@Butler.

For most people, Bored@Butler (http://www.boredatbutler.com) serves as an outlet for sexual frustration, depression, and boredom. For the truly gifted, though, B@B, as it is affectionately known, can be so much more. It can be the most hilarious website on the entire internet as long as you know what you are doing.

I can't reveal all of the weapons in my mighty arsenal, but I can give you a list of a few things to try out the next time you need a quick laugh at the expense of Columbia nerds.

1. Highjack Conversations
This is the most basic (and, perhaps, obvious) tactic. One of the primary functions of B@B is to facillitate communication between bridge-building SEAS students and the lesser-attractive Barnard girls. Often, they will discuss meeting one another. This is when you strike! You need to add disinformation and chaos to the conversation by pretending to be one of the interested parties. Here are some good ways to jump in (remember, this is after both have already agreed to meet):

"Oooh, are you cool with skipping on the condom? I gots to feel it."
"By the way, baby, in accordance with Megan's law, I am required by law to tell you that I am a registered sex offender."

Or, another good one is to confused them both by saying:

"You're a girl, right?"

This introduces so much confusion that these poor unfortunate souls will abandon the project altogether. Is this a little mean? Yeah, but for a five-second thrill, it's worth it.

2. Trick People into Going Somewhere Late at Night

This is perhaps the cruellest method. It is also the most hilarious, as long as you're a shameless misanthrope.

If you're on at 2 in the morning or later, strike up a conversation with the loneliest sounding person currently posting. Tell them that you could really go for pizza. Not just any pizza, though. You need Grimaldi's. In Brooklyn. Tell the person you will meet them there. Laugh because they are going to Brooklyn and you are not!

3. Have a heated conversation with yourself

This is the best option when it's a slow night at B@B. If people are being boring (ie not talking about what you want to talk about) then you need to spice things up a bit. The best subjects to talk about are:
  • Beastiality
  • Jon-Benet Ramsey
  • Racial issues
  • etc
The point is to be as inflammatory as possible. When people start commenting, ignore them. Simply turn up the heat and watch as the ridiculous pussies at this school start freaking out. For extra credit, "challenge" your worthy adversary to a fight outside Butler. See if anybody actually gets up and walks out after you say this. Remember any such individuals because now you know who else in the room is looking at B@B instead of studying.

I may post more ideas later. Try these out for now.

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Anonymous said...

I think your blog is awesome. I also think Columbia amounts to eternal, miserable suffering. (I'm a CC junior.) Like you, I hate the 212 workers, I hate all the same restaurants as you, etc.